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About six months ago one of my friends tried getting me into the instagram phase. I posted maybe a few times and lost interest. Just a couple days ago I finally re-installed the app. I have only posted again a few images but was thinking this morning about how great this could be for a different point of view in my photography life. Sometimes there are those moments in life when you cannot get to your camera fast enough but your cell phone is right there in your hand. Easy access…before last semester ended my photography instructor challenged me to other projects called, “Back to the basics.” I thought this would be an interesting approach. I recently in the past couple months bought a Polaroid Instant camera and loved the fresh vintage look to the pictures once dry. So the challenge I am doing for myself is taking images with my cell phone and my new Polaroid. Here are a few of the images I have taken…


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This was a shot taken not that long ago from my iPhone. Took a drive up to South Lake Tahoe to purchase some concert tickets for FUN. and Tegan and Sara when my sister and I came across this. It was beautiful and amazing to see. Shortly after there was a beautiful rainbow following us while driving. It did not last for long because the rain turned to snow but over the next two days from this photo we saw not only a double rainbow but a total of five all together. For ones who have never been to Nevada I highly recommend coming to the Northern part. It truly is spectacular!!!


Lake Tahoe

I took a quick adventure up to Lake Tahoe with my Sister and best friend yesterday. We all had a great time like always with the peaceful and alluring wilderness the lake brings. Here are just a few images from the day…



Bodie, California

So in October for my Mom’s birthday my family took a trip to the well known ghost town Bodie, California. I had been wanting to go to this ghost town for awhile and it was the perfect time to do so. One would think that October may be to cold and for the location meaning it is about 8,000 feet above sea level but it was ideal. It was about a solid 80 degrees all day. This location will attract a lot of tourists but remember the area is a large enough space to still have distance to do great photography of a standstill town.

This ghost town does not carry an eerie or creepy feeling at all. It was quit peaceful and the other visitors enjoying the historic park respect photographers. I had a great time and would love to return again this coming summer. This park can truly take a full day to see so make sure to plan the day accordingly because there is lots of interesting things to see.

This location is great for families just make sure to take plenty of water and snacks. The buildings in some areas are spread out in a nice hikingdistance. Depending on the time of year you go make sure to carry sun screen and a light sweater. Plus stop and talk to people. You will never know who you will meet. I had a great opportunity to chat with a photographer for about 20 minutes and he provided great tips for ghost town photography.

Don’t forget to take a look at the parks website posted below:

Here are the images from my adventure to the Lovelock Cave in Lovelock, Nevada.

Lovelock Cave is a vary interesting place and an important part in native american history in Northern Nevada. When it was excavated it was the first major cave in the Great Basin. The location is also known as Sunset Guano Cave, Horseshoe Cave, and Loud Site 18. The cave itself is not to big, measuring at about 150 feet long and 35 feet wide. Do to the environment being so dry it assisted in well-preserving artifacts of the people who had lived in the area. Only about 10,000 artifacts remain from the site by L. L. Loud who at the time in 1912 worked for the University of California. In later excavations by Loud and M. R. Harrington, they discovered duck decoys with local assistance of the Paiute Indians. Even in the excavations during the late 60s by Lewis Napton human remains were discovered, but that was not the first finding of human remains. In 1911 there were several giant skeletons that were also found. Most of the artifacts that were found during this time are believed to have been lost in a fire but the Humbolt Museum in Winnemucca, Nevada has some of the remaining giant skulls. The Paiute Indians have legends of these giants that were known as the “Si-Te-Cah”. They were believed to have been tall, white, red-haired cannibals. The legend goes that the Paiute Indians killed the cannibal giants by trapping the last remaining in the cave after the war they had with each other. The Indians started a fire at the mouth of the cave while shooting their arrows and killed anyone who tried getting out. Supposedly the Indians kept the fire going and kept shooting until all the giants were dead.

Just the history and legends behind this location is fascinating to me. It is an amazing location and if anyone is every in the area should definitely visit this Nevada historical spot. There are multiple hiking trails up to the cave and it is vary peaceful. I spent the day hiking with my sister Starr and my Uncle Tank. I couldn’t believe when driving out there all the sand storms that would literally fill the sky. I have lived in Nevada my whole life and a visit to this location requires: lots of water, sunscreen, and a cloth of any kind to cover your face when the sand storms past. Truly, this location is a must.


This is just a sneak peek at my least adventure in Northern Nevada. This wastaken at the Lovelock Cave which I have heard much about as of its importance in Nevada’s Native American history. I will be posting more images from this outing.


The first image is of my Mom (Juanita). This was taken within the Japanese Tea Gardens at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. This was the first time to the Gardens for the both of us and we loved it! It was so beautiful and peaceful. I have  a few more images from the Garden but these two images are my favorite.

The second image is of my sister, my mother and my order number for our Jasmine tea. I love how the sunlight was that morning because it worked perfect for seeing through the paper for the double eight. Why I took the picture at a slant I do not know why but stuck out to me and cannot picture the image being straight. It adds character to the image.

Overall the Japanese Tea Gardens is an amazing place! This is a most do when one has some free time on their hands when in San Francisco. The best part is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if you arrive to the Gardens before 10:00 AM it is free admission. Even if you miss the free admission the price to get in is still reasonable for: Adults – $7.00 for non-residents and $5.00 for residents, Child (5-11) – $2.00 for non-residents and $1.50 for residents, Children four and under are free. For more information about the Japanese Gardens you can visit their site at