My name is Athina Stockman and I am a photography student at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada. If one was to ask me ten years ago what I wanted to go to secondary school for I would have never imagined photography. It was my Senior year in high school that I realized that photography was my calling. One of my friends noticed I had been struggling with the change in my major and told me to follow my passion and heart. I cannot imagine not having my camera with me anywhere I go. It is my life.

My blog is going to be posts about my work as a student and my development in the art of photography. I will also be promoting artist that I believe need to be recognized and also ones that I find to be helpful/inspirational for the photography community.

Hope everyone will enjoy all the images and treasures I find as much as I do.

AJP (Athina Jewel Photography)